All About Me

Colin James Morrison


All About Me: Caper born, Halifax livin’ health care professional AND social work student pursuing a new/old passion of mine – writing!

Hi there!  Thanks for dropping by.   Allow me to introduce myself…I am a freelance writer, a news junkie, a total pop culture enthusiast, and a pretty damn funny guy, and I welcome you to Really Deep Stuff, my very first and very own blog site.  I hope to use this lil’ place on the interweb to discuss pop culture topics that strike my fancy, to talk about things that get me fired up in the news or media, to review some really cool things I like (and stuff you should know about!), and….challenge myself to think about things in a broader sense, and then chronicle that thinking, in a personal, direct sort of way, all the while having lots of fun doing it. If it challenges you a bit, makes you wonder about things, or take a different perspective, or question things a bit differently…well, that’s all the better, isn’t it? 🙂

Also, I guess you should know that while working away on the Next Great American….er, Canadian Novel, which, sadly, won’t ever get to be featured in Oprah’s Book Club (*sniff*), I dreamily yearn for that one day when I might turn writing into a full time career, so that I can quit this silly day job, sleep ‘til way past noon, eat bonbons in bed with my little orange cat/sidekick Mungo, and laugh at all you silly people with your even sillier day jobs…

‘Til then, happy reading…and I guess that means I better get busy writing!

Please feel free to contact me, just to say hi or to test said self professed but nevertheless killer pop culture genius, at, or find me on twitter and tweet away @Caperboi


2012 Canadian Weblog Awards nominee

2011 Canadian Weblog Awards


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